“Patrick” on Exchange in France


My stay in France so far has been very fun and quite challenging. School is going well and it’s great to have school finish after lunch on Wednesdays even if it means some other days I’m there from eight until five. The other students are very nice and patient with my French; they also love trying out English phrases they’ve heard on TV on me which is always a bit of fun.

I think one of my best day here so far has been going to visit Paris with my host parents. We had to get up at five thirty to catch the train at seven with all the other people from my small town, Montargis, who catch that train every day for their work in Paris. After arriving we descended into the subway where we took a train to la Tour Eiffel, l’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dam and la Basilique du Sacre Coeur. We only got lost once in the subway but not for long as the system is very efficient. It was great to finally see the sights in Paris that before then i had only heard of and I was amazed at such huge and intricate buildings built so long ago. It was over too quickly and we were back on the train but hopefully I’ll be returning next school holidays to see the Louvre.

There have been plenty of other great days but also some average ones struggling with the complicated French language and the school timetable system. But that is to be expected on an exchange, every day is a surprise and I’m looking forward to everyone.