Obligations of Rotary

  1. The District Youth Exchange Committee has the obligation to select and adequately brief outgoing students, and arrange for Rotary Clubs in another country to host each student for one year.
  2. After selection of students, the District Committee will make every endeavour to place them with host Rotary Clubs abroad who will pay a monetary allowance and will maintain liaison with the host Clubs throughout the Exchange year to ensure smooth functioning of the Exchanges.

Obligations of Students

  1. Students are expected to obey the laws of the host country at all times, and accept discipline of the host school and the host parents. Students are expected to adapt to the home environment of the host families – the host families are under no obligation to adapt themselves to the student.
  2. The student is an Ambassador for Australia and must at all times behave in a manner which will reflect credit on his or her family, community and country.
  3. Students will not be permitted to form romantic attachments with a boy or girl friend. Going out, preferably in company will be tolerated, but for obvious reasons romantic involvement is to be strongly discouraged to the extent that an applicant breaching the rule could be sent home.
  4. Students must return to Australia at completion of the year. Students will not be allowed to stay after the termination of the school year.

Obligations of Parents

  1. The parents are required to provide the cost of  the exchange. 
  2. Parents will provide clothing for the student while abroad, and will also provide and maintain an emergency fund of $500 which can be drawn on with the consent of the student’s counsellor or host parents.

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