• “Mat” on Exchange in Finland

    So after being in Finland for only quite a short time I am already starting to see what Finnish people really value. I am of course talking about the one thing that Finnish people consider to be truly theirs: (actually there’s two things but Santa Claus is the other one) the sauna. It’s one thing […]

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  • “Kate” on Exchange in Denmark

    It has been over 10 weeks since I arrived in Denmark, and yet every single day I still think to myself; WOW. My family, my counsellor, my Danish friends, and the other exchange students are some of the most fantastic and helpful people I have ever met. I am still living with my first host […]

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  • “Patrick” on Exchange in France

    Bonjour! My stay in France so far has been very fun and quite challenging. School is going well and it’s great to have school finish after lunch on Wednesdays even if it means some other days I’m there from eight until five. The other students are very nice and patient with my French; they also […]

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  • “Georgia” on Exchange in Germany

    … About First Six Months: What a crazy 6 months! Can’t believe I’m half way. This last 6 months has been fantastic, it’s taught me so much, introduced me to so many different people and built my character to twice what it used to be. I’ve discovered strength within me that I didnt know existed, […]

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  • “Emma” on Exchange in Belgium

    What an exciting 4 months it has been for me.. I have done things I had never thought I would do! The main reason I think I have done so much is due to encouragement from my host family, my friends and most of all my loving family back home, and the independence that has […]

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