1. Lodge Your Application

Applications must be lodged in writing on the form obtained from this web site with the Rotary Club nearest to the town or suburb in which the student normally resides.

Applications Close 31st March in Year Prior to Exchange!

2. Attend Local Club Interview

Local Rotary Clubs Committees will interview students and their parents and will recommend suitable students for further consideration by the District Selection Committee

3. Complete Full Application

Recommended students are required to complete a full application form for Rotary Youth Exchange program, giving:

      • Personal particulars and background
      • General information relating to the applicant
      • Applicant’s school activities
      • Endorsement of sponsoring Club
      • Guarantee form by applicant and parent
      • Medical and dental examination
      • Parental/guardian release form
      • Principal’s report

Full Applications to District Committee close 30th April

4. Attend District Interview

District Selection Committee will interview all applicants recommended by individual Rotary Clubs within their District and will make a selection of students to be sent abroad subject to the District Committee being able to secure host agreements from Rotary Clubs abroad. No student is to be regarded as a Rotary Club’s Youth Exchange Student until officially accepted as such by a host Rotary Club in another country.

District Interviews will be completed by 30th June

5. Accept Host Country

The District Committee will endeavour to arrange for an exchange with the country of the applicant’s top preferences but where this proves impossible to arrange, reserves the right to negotiate a hosting agreement with a Rotary Club in another country.

6. Attend Briefing Weekends

Successful students are required to attend two briefings prior to departure to help prepare them for their year abroad. These are held in July and December.

7. Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime!!

Students selected by the District Youth Exchange Committee will depart from Australia in January for twelve months

Have Fun & See You Soon!!!