Monthly Inbound Student Report Form

To: Jill Hanna – Placement Officer, Nordic Countries and Poland

Monthly Inbound Student Report Form - Nordic Countries and Poland1

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  • Include comments, requests, suggestions, complaints, impressions, and highlights etc. Remember that comments on matters that you may regard as unimportant, could be of interest - ANYTHING different or unexpectedly similar to home. Suggestions to improve the Youth Exchange Program are especially welcomed and are important (You must put something in this field).

  • This report will be used to update this District's information on your current host family and address. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for this District to have your current address and telephone number.
  • After completing ALL fields, click on the “Submit” Button to e-mail this report to the Placement Officer. Note that you must enter information in ALL fields for the Report to be submitted successfully. You will be transferred immediately to a confirmation webpage if you have successfully sent your report.

This Form must be submitted MONTHLY or IMMEDIATELY if you change Host Families. It is your responsibility to inform your Placement Officer of any changes which affect your Exchange. To submit the Form, simply complete ALL the fields below and click the “Submit” button. The Form will be e-mailed to your Placement Officer.